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Mayeli Alonso net worth

Mayeli Alonso net worth

Mayeli Alonso is a entrepreneur who live in Mexican, has a net worth of $13 million.She become popular on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her fashion, career, and everyday moments with friends and family. Mayeli Alonso has 600,000 Instagram followers. In November 2017, she shared videos from a Helen Ochoa concert. Her start Instagram journey on February 21, 2012, with a photo of a chocolate dessert as her first post. Lets know more about “how much Mayeli Alonso worth”. See Daisy Cabral Net Worth

Mayeli Alonso net worth

Net Worth$13 million
Last UpdateNov,2023

Mayeli Alonso Business

In 2014, she own beauty company called Drama Queen Make-up for serve beauty and makeup products . Mayeli Alonso’s makeup brand offers a variety of beauty products, such as eyeshadow palettes with multiple colors and lipsticks. As there is no specific figure about how she earn from his business but adding $1 Million his overall wealth.

Mayeli Alonso House

Mayeli Alonso net worth is around $13 million and she spend good amount for his luxury lifestyle and living expenses. She bought a luxury apartment in California with cost not available at this moments. The house has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a complete kitchen, a pool and all latest feature available on their personal house with Studio.

How Much is Mayeli Alonso Worth

Mayeli Alonso is making a substantial income, and her popularity on Instagram is growing every times. Additionally, her business ventures continue help to growing wealth as a result, the estimated net worth for Mayeli Alonso is around $13 million. This valuation comes from various sources of income, indicating that she is enjoying significant financial success.See Christian Stracke Net Worth

Mayeli Alonso net worth Growth

Net worth 2023$13 million
Net worth 2022$10 million
Net worth 2021$6.5 million

Mayeli Alonso Biography

Mayeli Alonso was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, on 1, December 1984. Her father’s name was Mario Alonso Ibarra and hes is passing in September 2021 . Unfortunately, there is no available information about her mother or any siblings she might have had. Details about her father’s career are also unknown.

Mayeli Alonso’s education details unknown and there is no available information regarding the schools she attended or whether she is a college graduate. Given the prominence of other aspects of her life, it appears that Mayeli has chosen to keep her educational background private.


Mayeli is a successful businesswoman who owns and runs a beauty-related businesses. In 2014, she started Drama Queen Make-Up, a company that sells cool eyeshadows and lipsticks with lots of colors. She’s not just about makeup—she also owns the Drama Queen Make-Up Academy in California where people can learn about makeup. And that’s not all! She has a fitness store called Evolution Fitness too. So, she’s got a bunch of cool businesses!

Mayeli Alonso primarily income from the beauty and makeup industry. And she works various digital platforms, as a influencer and brand ambassador adds to her overall earnings. The popularity she has gained online contributes to her financial success in these roles.

She started a company called Town of Lashes, company sell synthetic eyelashes online. Now, she’s doing more things online to make money. She writes about fashion and beauty on her blog called Pink Fashionista. Plus, a lot of people like what she does on Instagram! Must see Blippi Net Worth

Personal Life

In 2003, Mayeli met Lupillo Rivera at Lupillo’s concerts in Chihuahua, Mexico. They started dating. The Mayeli Alonso boyfriend, Lupillo he is already married with Maria Gorola, who he had four kids with, some reports say otherwise.

Mayeli married Lupillo in November 2005, and they had their wedding on April 29, 2006, in Garden Grove, California. They are two children : Lupita Karizma Rivera, born in August 2004, and L’Rey Rivera, born in August 2008.

Mayeli and Lupillo were married for twelve years, but in 2018, they decided to get a divorce, and finalized in 2019. The exact reasons for their divorce aren’t clear, but on the papers they filled out, they mentioned “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for ending their marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Mayeli Alonso?

Mayeli Alonso was born on December 1, 1984 and she is 38 years old.

Who owns Drama Queen makeup?

Mayeli Alonso are owns Drama Queen makeup.

What is Mayeli Alonso Net Worth?

Mayeli Alonso net worth estimate is $13 millions.


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