Keith Gill Net Worth

Keith Gill is an American financial analyst and investor who has net worth of $30 million. He also known online as Roaring Kitty and DeepF—ingValue. Behind the boosting of GameStop surge in late 2020 is Keith Gill who make popular through his YouTube account (as Roaring Kitty) and on Reddit (as DeepF—ingValue or DFV). Lets know more about “how much Keith Gill worth”.

Keith Gill Net Worth

Net Worth 2023$30 million
Last UpdateNov, 2023


Keith Gill is a financial analyst and investor and we may not have specific details about how much he earns per month or per year, it’s clear that he is net worth is $20 million. Keith Gill has a good investor. Even though we don’t know the exact numbers for his salary, his overall success has definitely added up to a pretty good net worth. See Mark Davis Net Worth


Keith Gill used social networks to talk about GameStop stock, saying he believed it was worth more than its current price. In 2019, he bought $53,000 worth of stock. As he kept sharing his thoughts, more people joined him, and the stock price shot up quickly.

When GameStop’s stock reached its highest point at $483 per share in January 2021, Gill’s investment was worth almost $48 million. At that time, he quit his job at MassMutual.

As of April 2021, Keith Gill had 200,000 shares of GameStop (GME) after he used 500 call options and purchased an additional 50,000 shares. If we consider that Gill is still holding onto his investment (despite the stock split in July 2022), and he now has 800,000 shares, the value of his GameStop position would be approximately $14,016,000 as of late September 2023. This calculation is based on the stock’s price being $17.52 per share at that time.

About “Keith Gill”

Gill was born in 1986 in Brockton, Massachusetts.He went to Brockton High School and later studied accounting at Stonehill College in Easton. During his teenage years, Gill was a successful cross-country and track and field athlete. He excelled in both high school and college, earning All-America honors in cross-country and indoor and outdoor track and field. He holds the distinction of being the only male athlete at the school to achieve this. In 2016, Gill was honored by being inducted into the college’s Hall of Fame. See Jonathan Hovain Hylton Net Worth

Full NameKeith Patrick Gill
Nick NameRoaring Kitty
Born In8, June 1986
Profession Financial analyst
Zodiac SignGemini


After graduating in 2009, Gill started working for a family friend who was leading a startup in New Hampshire. The company focused on developing a software program for analyzing stocks and conducting research.

However, he left that job in 2014 and had an inconsistent work history until 2019. In that year, Gill found employment at MassMutual, where he took on the role of director of financial wellness education.

Personal Life

Despite the attention received for his professional activities, Keith Gill has chosen to keep his personal life relatively private. While there is limited information available, it is known that he is married and resides in Massachusetts with his spouse and child. Must See Mark Cuban Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keith Gill doing now?

Keith Gill’s last day of work was on January 28, 2021 and there is no recent update about their work.

How much is Keith Gill worth

Keith Gill net worth estimate to be around $30 million.


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